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May 2011 Minutes
The last Fort Loramie FFA “Support Group” Meeting was on May 10, 2011, at the Seger residence with Nick Seger acting as the temporary chair.11 potential members were present.

Bill Ernst moved to refer to the organization as the Fort Loramie Ag Boosters.  The motion was seconded by Matt Seger.  The motion passed.

The group discussed whether or not the organization should be state or nationally affiliated.  The general consensus was to look into this at a future date when deemed necessary.  

The group addressed the fact that members may be required to pay dues at some point in the future.

After some discussion, Bill Ernst moved that a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer be elected at the next meeting.  John Fullenkamp seconded that motion.  The motion passed.

A discussion took place regarding the need to spread the word about the activities and events that the group was wanting to participate in.  Bill Ernst moved that flyers be made and distributed within the community to inform people about the group.  Steve Benanzer seconded the motion.  Sarah Heilers agreed to put a flyer together with the relevant information.  Bill Ernst, Matt Seger, and Chad Poeppelman agreed to distribute the flyers within the community and fend any questions.

Sarah Heilers agreed to look into having the next meeting at the Fort Loramie High School.  The group decided to set the next meeting date as Wednesday, July 13, 2011.

Nick Seger brought to everyone’s attention that Gary Bensman had mentioned the need to develop bylaws, a mission statement, and parliamentary procedure at a later time to allow the group to run effectively.

Matt Seger moved that a temporary chair and secretary be established for the next meeting.  Jerry Gehret seconded the motion.  The motion passed and after a paper documented vote, Nick Seger was selected as the temporary chair for the next meeting.  Chad Poeppelman was selected as the temporary Secretary.

Matt Seger then moved that the meeting be adjourned.  Bill Ernst seconded the motion.  With not further business, the motion passed and the meeting was adjourned.