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August 2011 Minutes
The last Fort Loramie Ag Boosters meeting was on August 10, 2011, in the Chorus Room at the Fort Loramie High School with Nick Seger acting as the temporary chair. 10 potential members were present.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read.  Bill Ernst moved to accept the minutes from the previous meeting, and the motion was seconded by Matt Seger.  The minutes were accepted as read.

Nick Seger mentioned that he wanted to speak with Thomas Heckman to determine if anything had been overlooked from their first conversation before the last meeting.

Nick Seger addressed that attendance at the meetings thus far was very poor. 
Bill Ernst suggested that the group table all meetings until November or December and put another add in the paper again to gain better attendance. 
Wes Moore suggested that the group move forward with the election of officers since any new attendees would most likely not want to run for an officer position.
Pat Knouff suggested that the group wait until next January to have the next meeting when more people would be able to attend because of the slower winter months.  It was suggested that meetings might occur in the December – April timeframe with the possibility of two meetings a month or one officer meeting and one group meeting each month.

Sarah Heilers suggested that the group keep moving forward to avoid complete loss of interest.

Several members did also bring up the fact that they had spoken with other potential members about coming to the meetings.  Randy Ruhenkamp asked about the purpose of the group, and this sparked an interesting discussion that led into the need for officers.

Pat Knouff stated that officers were needed, but the need for establishing bylaws was equally important.  

Bill Ernst moved that the group elect officers, and Wes Moore seconded the motion.  The motion passed.

Pat Knouff asked for nominations to be made.

Elections took place by ballot for: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The officers were elected as follows: President – Nick Seger, Vice-President – Chad Poeppelman, Secretary – Wes Moore, and Treasurer – Matt Seger.

Discussion occurred regarding future elections.  Yearly elections for all positions were debated with the potential for the Vice-President taking the President’s position.  The discussion resulted in the group deciding that an annual election may take place but would ultimately depend on the size of the organization and the number of interested candidates.  

The group discussed the need for a Mission Statement and asked Sarah Heilers if The National FFA Organization could be referenced as an example.  Reference was made to a document that Sarah Heilers brought.  After discussion, the group decided on five areas to be described in the Mission Statement.  Matt Seger moved the group accept the Mission Statement, and Bill Ernst seconded the motion.  The motion passed.

Further discussion led to what else should be included in the group’s bylaws.  Sections were omitted and refined within the document brought by Sarah Heilers.  The group decided that before a final vote should occur, the suggestions and comments be typed and sent out to the entire group and further discussed at the next meeting.

Sarah Heilers asked if the group should start a checking account.  It was noted that the old Fort Loramie Young Farmer’s checkbook was still active and currently being by the Fort Loramie FFA.

Randy Ruhenkamp asked how to spread the word about the group, and Wes Moore suggested that each member speak with potential members from a list formed by the group.  It was suggested that FFA parents should have a presence in the group as well.  Sarah Heilers said that she could spread the word to FFA parents by printing a flyer for the students to take home.  A list of people to speak with before the next meeting was developed in a group effort. 

The next meeting was proposed for January 11, 2012, at 7:30 P.M.  The group decided to hold the next meeting in The High School Chorus Room unless other circumstances interfered.  Sarah agreed to check on this.

After a brief discussion, the group decided to make an attempt to have a speaker at the next meeting.  Potential ideas included having a representative from the Grand Lake River Region or Ohio Livestock Standards Committee.  A speaker was to be finalized at a later date.

The group discussed using a further refined Parliamentary Procedure at the next meeting.

The topics for the next meeting were determined to be the following:
1)Review new attendees and gather their contact information
2)Review / discuss / vote on a final Constitution and or Bylaws
3)Fully determine how the group can partner with the Fort Loramie FFA
4)A potential speaker with discussion and questions
With that, Matt Seger moved to adjourn the meeting and Bill Ernst seconded the motion.  With no further business, the motion passed, and the meeting was adjourned.