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FFA Conducts Poinsettia Research
In order to teach students about photoperiodism, the process of manipulating light and temperature to change the color of specialized leaves, the Fort Loramie FFA received about sixty poinsettia plugs from the Upper Valley Career Center in September for the Plant and Horticulture class to grow. In October, the plants needed 15 hours of undisturbed darkness each day for eight weeks. This is what causes the leaves to turn their red hue. Throughout the process the students were responsible for watering, pruning, covering and measuring the four types of poinsettias which included: glitter, cinnamon, marble and Prestige red. After decorating them with festive décor, the plants were presented at Saint Michael’s Santa Market and Fort Loramie’s Senior Citizens Breakfast. Renee Seger, a student, really enjoyed the experience and trusts it will really benefit her public speech on poinsettias in February. Fort Loramie FFA Advisor, Matt Pleiman, believed that his students learned and gained more from this hands-on experience than teaching the same concept from a textbook. He also would like to thank the Upper Valley Career Center Administration and the Fort Loramie Administration for their support in this great learning experience.

Above: The Plant and Horticulture class measuring the plant height and counting leaves, in September.

Above: Members decorating the beautiful poinsettias, about three months after the project started.