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Tips for Success

Tips for Success

In School

  • Attend Class: Keeping up with assignments and participating in classroom activities will contribute significantly to your success in school.
  • Take Notes: You can't remember everything. Notes are helpful in studying for tests and in doing assignments.
  • Join in Class Discussion: Speaking up helps develop confidence. Explaining your ideas to others sharpens your thinking.
  • Ask Questions in Class: If you don't understand something, you won't be able to follow what comes next. Chances are that if you're confused, other students are too.
  • Ask For Help if you need it: Teachers want their students to learn. Your teachers can help you identify and solve problems.
  • Participate in School and Community Activities: Sports, clubs, student organizations, and volunteer programs teach you to work with others and develop leadership skills. Get involved and keep a record of your activities.

At Home

  • Create a Study Place: Find a place where you are free of distraction and comfortable so you can concentrate. Your special study spot should have good lighting.
  • Keep an Assignment Schedule: Record all your assignments on a calendar to show when they are due. Refer to your schedule each time you study to be sure you don't overlook any assignment.
  • Study Your Mistakes too: Do your assignments early so you can review and correct them before handing them in. When you get an assignment back, look over it for any errors or comments. Ask your teacher if you don't understand what you missed or how you could have done better.

For Parents

Parents are an Important Element in the Decisions of Students about High School Courses. The more involved you become in helping your son or daughter plan his or her high school curriculum, the better. You can help by following these tips:

  • Familiarize yourself with college and/or work requirements.
  • Learn more about the variety of courses offered at your high school.
  • Help your child gather information about the careers that interest him/her.
  • Discuss the educational requirements for each career.
  • Talk over with your son or daughter his or her class selections.
  • Contact the guidance office with any questions you may have about high school requirements.